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Kotan Audio Stand
Kotan means "Elegance in Simplicity". The Kotan stands are an excellant alternative to our more expensive Hamoni and Kata lines of stands. Although the Kotan has fewer bells and whistles, it still incorporates all the advanced vibration control and isloation techniques for which Kanso Audio Furniture is known.

The frame of a Kotan stand is made of solid hardwood. It consists of vertical support legs coupled, via mortise and tenons, to matching solid wood horizontal shear panels. This is what gives a Kotan stand incredible strength against lateral forces. Standard woods are Cherry, Maple, Walnut, Red or White Oak, and Sapele. Your choice of clear satin or semi-gloss lacquer finish. Also available, at no extra charge, is solid white or black lacquer (satin or semi-gloss) applied over solid Maple.

The Kotan uses the same 7-layer shelf contruction that all our stands use. The shelves are placed upon the wood frame with a decoupling interface between the shelf and frame. This allows the shelf to do its job independent of the frame, thereby maximizing the performance of the shelf.

All shelves are 20" X 20" X 1 1/2" and are available wrapped in Brushed Black Anodized or Brushed Silver Anodized Aluminum. As an option, the perimeter of shelves can be wrapped in wood to match the finish of the wood frame. Also available, as an option, is a Turntable platform shelf that couples to the topmost shelf of a Kotan Stand, thereby doubling the vibration control and shelf mass for you turntable.



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