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Tana Turntable Shelf
Thanks to the advent of the wall-suspended Tana, high quality turntables can now be positioned out of harm’s way in an ideally isolated configuration. The Tana not only isolates your equipment from the floor, but from the wall as well.

We start out with two rigid horizontal support pieces that are attached directly to the wall. These two horizontal pieces serve three functions: First, they help stabilize that section of wall where you mount your Tana shelf system. Second, they act as the upper and lower support for the system. Third, they contribute to the overall aesthetics of the total design.

Our turnbuckle system not only supports the front weight of the system but also allows for fine-tune leveling. Most turnbuckle systems use a multi-strand metal cable which will transfer vibration. Instead of stainless steel wire, we use a braided synthetic fiber rope that is actually stronger than equal-size stainless steel cable. Therefore, there is virtually no vibration conducted from the wall.

The rear of the main shelf is supported by two small sharp-pointed cones that rest in special brackets that are attached to the lower horizontal support member. Physics dictates that minimal vibration will travel upwards through these sharp-pointed cones; therefore, we have minimal interaction between wall and main shelf. The absorption of wall energy is all but eliminated.

Weighing 70 lbs.(32 kg), the main shelf is high mass for in-room sonic stability. In other words, as you raise volume, the in-room sonic energy has more effect on a TT; the high mass of the main TT shelf lessens the interaction with sound waves.

As with all Kanso designs, the Tana's shelves incorporate our unique vibration control; multiple layers of different materials. The system's main shelf has eleven layers total of which four of those layers are an elasotomeric material that converts mechanical energy (vibration) into heat; the optional suspended shelf/shelves are comprised of 7 layers, two of those layers are that special material.

A suspended isolation shelf, perfect for a phono preamp, may be added. A third suspended shelf to house a Turntable power supply or motor controller is also an option. All additional shelves are, of course, completely isolated from the main shelf and each other.

All of this care translates into what ultimately matters the most: better performance from your Turntable/Arm/Cartridge.

Tana in Gloss Piano Black Lacquer (20" Deep X 30" Wide). Shown with optional suspended shelves below.

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